summer time sunsets

All the windows are open & Sprout is barking at every life form that dares to land in the one bush she’s tall enough to see.

The sunset is so pretty tonight I had to step outside and take a picture. In a moment of cheesiness, I thought to myself, “I hope we’re all sharing this same sunset.” Dziko, us, the baby we are meant to parent but haven’t met yet.


Because I am my father’s daughter, I have a fondness for lists. And since it was on my mind tonight, I thought of some memories I’d like to make with our child some day.

Some day where the air smells just like this, the breeze is perfect and we’re parents to you, I want to:

take you on a bike ride (but first I have to remember how)
stop the ice cream man and let you pick out something that turns your tongue blue (unless I don’t have cash, and then I have to tell you the story about how the truck only plays music when it runs out of ice cream)
draw a hopscotch board on our front walk (please don’t let the neighbors be watching when I inevitably lose my balance and topple into the grass/ break my ankle)
pick up donuts for breakfast and watch Saturday morning cartoons (…it would just be nice to have company. I always never do this by myself)
take a walk around the neighborhood and teach you the names of flowers and things you see (just dont take notes. more than half I’ll have to make up)

Mostly, I want to hold your tiny hand, watch you learn, squeeze you when you’ve done something adorable….and have a bite of that ice cream.


3 thoughts on “summer time sunsets

  1. Same sunset. Same moon. Same sunrise on a new horizon. Can’t wait to share those stories with you and your family.

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